What others say

“This Brain Gym® for Special Needs course gave me unique tools to use with the kids when the traditional P.T. stuff doesn’t do the job or help me help the kids reach their goals. Cece, you are the best instructor I’ve ever had for any type of class. Thank you.”

– Cindy, Physical Therapist

“My awareness of others and the ‘space’ in which they grow has been keenly awakened. I loved your (Cece) teaching style. Even though there were close to twenty of us ladies in the room, I felt that you were speaking only with me! What a gift God has given you!”

– Pam, Paraprofessional

“This course is a learning by doing experience. The atmosphere was open and safe––conducive to learning. Movement-based learning uses movement of the body to effect changes in the brain. It is a tool that once learned, is easy to integrate into your work as a Physical Therapist (PT) as well as your home life. It is a great adjunct to all other tools that we use as a PT.”

– Kristen, Physical Therapist

“Cece teaches movements that energize learning. She introduces Bal-a-vis-x and demonstrates how to apply the theory of movement-based learning by bringing children into the workshop so we can observe her using it with them. The information and techniques are definitely applicable to Occupational Therapy (OT) and complements and parallels our practices.”

– Julie, Occupational Therapist

“This course is very helpful in giving hands-on exercises to activate the learning process. Teachers are given tools to help optimal learning occur. I’ve learned to be more aware of my own body. I have come to realize the amazing connection between my body and my mind. This course provided a structure for me to achieve greater clarity and experience many insights––things came together. The attention to detail that makes movement-based learning so much more comprehensible will greatly improve the effectiveness of the work I am doing.”

– Pamela, Psychologist

“The course that Cece shares far exceeded my expectations and objectives. I chose this course for specific reasons, and gained so much more! Every component of the class was selected and timed and the living structure that we can then pass along is invaluable. Cece, there is no doubt that you will always continue to grow and learn and then share. Your teaching and coaching style is exceptional as you reach our inner beings and potential. I loved being the receiver of such wisdom. Thank you so very much!”

– Kathleen, Speech/Language Pathologist

“Behind a giving hand is a warm and gracious heart. You are one of the most amazing women that I have ever met. You bring so much into many, many lives. You have a remarkable gift! Not only are you helping my son see his true potential but you have helped me as a parent in so many ways. Thanks you for sharing with us. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– MP, Parent

“After taking this course, my eyes are open wider and I can assist the children and explore their potential/ possibilities so they can reach their greatest reality. This course gently invites you to enhance learning and function within the classroom by using natural body movements. This course was Cece’s book, I Am the Child coming alive…and so much more. I am so eager to absorb all the new material from her new book, Movement Based Learning for Children of All Abilities”

– Candi, Adaptive PE Teacher

“This course offers the most vital information and tools for living in our own body with comfort and ease of learning and functioning. I noticed so many positive changes in myself during this course that I know will bleed over into my professional (and personal) life. I am more relaxed; able to formulate and receive information; more playful; and I’m feeling more equipped to work with special needs children.”

– Emily, Educational Consultant/Brain Gym® Instructor

“Cece is kind, well-qualified and demonstrated the value of her message, i.e. as we are more grounded and centered in ourselves we are then able to reach out to others and participate and assist in their learning. I’ve learned many new skills/strategies and developed confidence in my own instincts. This class is very versatile for all my ages/abilities—-even for self-improvement—-everyone can benefit.”

– Denise, Early Intervention Specialist

“Cece models very well how to teach from the heart and how to notice others. You have got to take her course. It will change the way you think, teach and approach learning.”

– LW, Title I Reading Teacher

“Cece models very well how to teach from the heart and how to notice others. You have got to take this course, it will change the way you think, teach and approach learning.”

– Lorraine, Title I Reading Teacher

“Cece makes it easy to learn. She facilitates a positive environment that allows people to risk and feel safe. She is amazing and inspiring. The modifications and enrichment she provides are effective for everyone. This class is a must, even if you don’t deal with people who have special needs.”

– Maureen, Teacher/Consultant

“This course is so practical. I am now more open to ideas to help students. I feel re-energized. The practical experience in the course goes along with the book and made my learning easy and fun. I like that there are no other equipment costs involved. I can take the information and directly and immediately apply it.”

– Lynne, High School SPED Teacher

“My enthusiasm for my work in the special education classroom has been renewed. I now have an awareness of noticing that will get stronger over time. I have some foundational pieces that Cece calls Building Blocks that will get me to the heart of a child’s problem much more quickly.”

– Madeline, ParaProfessional with SPED

“This course is priceless. It’s useful for everyone! I am recharged and excited about taking my new tools back to the classroom. I have been feeling overwhelmed and tired to this point! Now, I feel I have some tools! I loved the observation of Cece working with a challenged child; it was priceless.”

– Carla, Classroom Teacher

“Cece has an ability to work a room with purpose. As I watched her and participated in this class I learned not only the activities from Brain Gym® and how/when to use them––I also became calmer within myself. Thank you Cece, from the bottom of my heart, for pausing long enough to touch, accept and teach my son.”

– Opal, Parent of Child with Special Needs

“Cece’s ability to share the way she notices the child’s behavior, demeanor, ability to pay attention to the game being played or the task being done, is magical. She is able to express what she sees so that you can then replicate the assessment in your own sessions with a child. It’s magical.”

– C. H., Occupational Therapist

“All we really want as a parent is to be able to make a difference in a little one’s life. You do that so gracefully, Cece.”

– Michelle, Parent of Child who has Cerebral Palsy